What’s Your Destination?

When traveling from one location to another, your destination is determined by your set direction. If you live in Los Angeles and your destination is New York, then your direction needs to be east. If you’re on the East Coast and you want to get to the West Coast then your direction needs to be west.

This may seem to be very obvious, and it is, but it is also very true with where our lives are headed. Your goals, dreams, and desires are your destinations. But you can only arrive there if you are headed in the direction that will take you there.

Just as wishing and hoping to be in L.A. while you are in New York doesn’t get you there, so, too, wishing and hoping for your goals and dreams to come to pass does not bring them into your life.

Suppose your desire in life is to be a best selling author. Well, what are you doing to point yourself in that direction? Is there anything that you do on a daily basis that is pointing you in that direction? How about weekly?

You have to honestly ask yourself if your daily and weekly activities are taking you where you want to go. For example, have you written a book? Have you started to write a book? Do you have a file with notes that could be used for a book?

Are you learning how to develop writing skills? Are you reading books in the genre you’d like to write in? Have you talked to someone who has written a book?

If there is nothing going on in your life that is pointing to your “destination,” then perhaps it’s time to re-group and decide what you truly do desire in life. It is very important to be clear on your goals and dreams.

Not having clear goals is like driving from L.A. excited about going to New York, but getting distracted along the way somewhere in Colorado. The next thing you know, you leave Colorado and head south for Texas. But what happened to New York?

If you want to reach your destination, you need to focus clearly on that destination. The same is true for your goals and desires. Here’s a good point to consider. Are they truly your goals and desires? Is it really your destination? Is it really what you desire for your life?

If it’s not, you will never fully believe in it. You will have mental resistance to it, and you will struggle trying to see it happen. You will not be focused on that destination.

Your goals, dreams, and visions have to be yours.

And, you can’t just sit in a corner all day long waiting for the doorbell to ring. Are you just waiting to answer the door to find someone there who hands you your accomplished goals and desires?

It’s important to examine your daily and weekly activities to see if the things you are doing are keeping you in the right direction by moving you closer to your desired destination. In other words, your actions should keep you pointed toward your desired destination.

In addition, you need to check and see if there is anything working contrary or counterproductive to what you desire. For example, you might not want to spend a lot of time with people who would be critical of your dreams. You might not want to read or hear negatives about publishing a book.

Always make sure, first of all, that your destination is truly where you desire to go. And finally, stay focused, persistent, and confident.

Locating the Top Golf Tips For Beginners Online

Locating the top golf tips for beginners is something that many men and women struggle with. It’s not that you can’t find tons of half way decent information. It’s the fact that you have no clue which ones are worth your time and which ones are complete duds. If you use a search-engine to find the top golf tips, it only makes it worse. Here is a simple solution to this matter.

I am not telling you that you need to throw search-engines to the side. They can actually be quite good for finding a bunch of knowledge on this subject. It’s just that you will run into thousands of results and no way to tell which ones are the top golf tips. Some will look pretty good, but how do you know if this is what other golfer are doing to improve their game? You don’t, which his why you need something much more efficient at locating the ones that are truly superb.

If you want to find out the top golf tips for beginners that have worked for other real life golfers, you need to know about internet forums. There is not a better place on the web for finding the exact techniques, information and ways that other golfers out there have improved their game. Isn’t it much more beneficial to see “exactly” what other men and women have done to improve the way they play this wonderful game? It sure is, which is is why forums make so much sense for getting great first hand information.

For every one person (which is you) looking for the top golf tips, there are dozens who have already found the ones that work. Forums are loaded with posts about what other golfers have used to get better.

It’s just a simple solution to finding the top golf tips for beginners without having to try to figure it out for yourself.

Preparing for Your Trip?

There are four easy tips that can help you prepare better for your next trip.

Hey there, I will show you in this section the most practical “easy to use” steps for
the next trip that you have in mind. Remember that we usually prepare our clothes,
toothbrush, shoes, flying tickets, reservation.. etc, everything for the next couples
weeks outside home, but we usually forget to prepare our camera for
the next couples weeks, like it or not (and for experience) you end in your
first week of your vacation buying a 35-mm disposable camera or a new expensive
memory card and end up with less money in your pocket. Don’t miss any-moment
with this tips!!! please I beging you… follow up this tips, you’ll thank me!!


Charge them, pack them, use them

Don’t forget before go to sleep, charge the batteries, but if they are almost full or
1/2 full, maybe isn’t a good idea to recharge them yet, but consider to take with you
a replacement for your batteries. If you use a non-rechargeable batteries, you have
to make sure buy a new pair before leave to your trip.

Remember if you have a rechargeable batteries, you have to make sure bring with
you the battery charger for your trip. Make sure if you go outside of the USA, bring a
transformer for the battery charger, because you may have the problem of different
volts (110v – 240 v).

How many memory cards?

Be prepare for your next trip

I always suggest to my friends when they buy their new digital camera, buy an extra
memory card beside the one with comes with their digital camera. if you have
already have a digital camera and a memory card, well then I suggest to get one or
two more (depend of the capacity of your memory card) it should be fine for your
next trip without have to download your photos in your whole trip.

Before we move on to next tips, I want to stop and before you leave from your
house, make sure you empty your memory cards, because what useful could be a
memory card with no left space left.

And if is possible take your laptop with you, like this you can empty your memory
cards at night in your room.

Camera Bag
Never leave your home without one

This is the most important thing beside your camera. Why?, well if you like the order
and maintain everything in one place, this is it. With a camera bag, not only you are
going to take an extra batteries, an extra memory card, it protect your camera from
scratches… I love my camera and I never leave my house with my Digital Camera
without it’s bag, it is always ready. I always let the camera bag for my next trip with
an extra batteries, an extra memory card and a cloth for cleaning the lens (clean it
once in a while). So this is something you must remember to bring to your
next trip. (remember, your next trip could be at your mom’s house for a couple
hours, but with everything in place, you don’t have to worry for miss any-
memorable moment)

Tripod or mini-tripod?
Which one to bring?

Well, I suggest a mini-tripod if you are going to take pictures from your family. But
if you are a professional or amateur photographer and you make this trip to take
beautiful scenarios, you may consider the trippod then, or even both.

The thing with the tripods, is just bring stability while you taking a picture.

Did you like it? Don’t keep it, share it!!

Good Luck.

“better things come from better people… be one of them. share what
you know”