Preparing for Your Trip?

There are four easy tips that can help you prepare better for your next trip.

Hey there, I will show you in this section the most practical “easy to use” steps for
the next trip that you have in mind. Remember that we usually prepare our clothes,
toothbrush, shoes, flying tickets, reservation.. etc, everything for the next couples
weeks outside home, but we usually forget to prepare our camera for
the next couples weeks, like it or not (and for experience) you end in your
first week of your vacation buying a 35-mm disposable camera or a new expensive
memory card and end up with less money in your pocket. Don’t miss any-moment
with this tips!!! please I beging you… follow up this tips, you’ll thank me!!


Charge them, pack them, use them

Don’t forget before go to sleep, charge the batteries, but if they are almost full or
1/2 full, maybe isn’t a good idea to recharge them yet, but consider to take with you
a replacement for your batteries. If you use a non-rechargeable batteries, you have
to make sure buy a new pair before leave to your trip.

Remember if you have a rechargeable batteries, you have to make sure bring with
you the battery charger for your trip. Make sure if you go outside of the USA, bring a
transformer for the battery charger, because you may have the problem of different
volts (110v – 240 v).

How many memory cards?

Be prepare for your next trip

I always suggest to my friends when they buy their new digital camera, buy an extra
memory card beside the one with comes with their digital camera. if you have
already have a digital camera and a memory card, well then I suggest to get one or
two more (depend of the capacity of your memory card) it should be fine for your
next trip without have to download your photos in your whole trip.

Before we move on to next tips, I want to stop and before you leave from your
house, make sure you empty your memory cards, because what useful could be a
memory card with no left space left.

And if is possible take your laptop with you, like this you can empty your memory
cards at night in your room.

Camera Bag
Never leave your home without one

This is the most important thing beside your camera. Why?, well if you like the order
and maintain everything in one place, this is it. With a camera bag, not only you are
going to take an extra batteries, an extra memory card, it protect your camera from
scratches… I love my camera and I never leave my house with my Digital Camera
without it’s bag, it is always ready. I always let the camera bag for my next trip with
an extra batteries, an extra memory card and a cloth for cleaning the lens (clean it
once in a while). So this is something you must remember to bring to your
next trip. (remember, your next trip could be at your mom’s house for a couple
hours, but with everything in place, you don’t have to worry for miss any-
memorable moment)

Tripod or mini-tripod?
Which one to bring?

Well, I suggest a mini-tripod if you are going to take pictures from your family. But
if you are a professional or amateur photographer and you make this trip to take
beautiful scenarios, you may consider the trippod then, or even both.

The thing with the tripods, is just bring stability while you taking a picture.

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Good Luck.

“better things come from better people… be one of them. share what
you know”